Your teen wants acceptance to the best colleges.
You want guidance and structure for your teen on how to write the admission essays.

With college admissions more competitive than ever before you realize the importance of the college essays to your teen's applications.

“The course took the stress out of it for me. I knew that by doing this course my daughter would have a great product and that I didn’t have to manage the process. My daughter completed her Common App essay the summer before senior year started – smart and efficient process with the course! Peace of mind!" ”

Eddie Carter, Providence High School Parent, Charlotte NCEddie Carter, Providence High School Parent, Charlotte NC



    Complete your common application with calm and organization, increase your chances of college acceptance, and improve your writing skills as you prepare for college.


    Maintain quality relationships through this stressful time of applying to college and manage this major transition in your life.


    Turn fear into confidence, and remove mental writing blocks to enhance your chances of college acceptance.

“Mrs. Haskell's program really helped my voice shine through in my essays so that the colleges go to see who I was apart from my transcript.”

Hilary G., New Trier High School (Winnetka, IL) graduate, Boston College studentHilary G., New Trier High School (Winnetka, IL) graduate, Boston College student

“This made the college application process easy and stress free. Olivia loved the step by step instruction on how to develop a strong and unique essay. ”

Lynn B., Parent of Olivia, Accepted to Every College, Western Springs, IL Lynn B., Parent of Olivia, Accepted to Every College, Western Springs, IL

What To Expect

This is a blended learning program comprised of video based lessons, text lessons and homework that will move your senior through the entire college admissions essay writing process.

  • Turn your fear into confidence, moving ahead with college application process

  • Move from having mental writing blocks to having great word choices

  • Get ahead of the competition

  • Enhance your chances of college acceptance

  • Worksheets and templates

My Passion Is Helping Your Teen Stand Out Above The Crowd

"I love coaching students through the process of writing an outstanding college admissions essay. Knowing that they have the BEST chance of getting into the college of their choice drives me to continue to make a difference in the lives of these teens."
My Passion Is Helping Your Teen Stand Out Above The Crowd


  • How do I know that my son/daughter will get the level of help they need in this program?

    Your son/daughter will receive an even higher level of help in this online program because the lessons are available to them 24/7. This way they can revisit lessons to digest the information at their pace.

    The weekly schedule allow students to stay organized so that they complete this program and write their college admissions essay.

  • Do you guarantee that my son/daughter will complete their essay using your program?

    We cannot guarantee that your son/daughter will complete the essay but we can guarantee that this program will guide your teen through the process of how to write college essays, from start to finish. Ultimately, it is up to your son/daughter to write the essays.

  • What if I still have questions?

    If you still have questions you can book a 15 minute call by clicking here

  • Where can I learn more about writing team and the founder, Amy Haskell?

    Click on "Meet Our Team!" at the top of the page!