We Teach Teens How to Write Effective College Admission Essays without Stress

Is your teen prepared to succeed with college admission essays?

It's frustrating to think of how much weight the college essays can have on your teen's admissions. Do you worry about how prepared your teen actually is regarding organization, sentence flow, and clarity to express ideas?

Hi, I'm Amy Haskell, MA., MEd.

College admission essay specialist, former high school English teacher, tutor, mother of four children, wife to Rick, Master swimmer team member who loves homemade chocolate chip cookies.

"My passion is watching teens transform from insecure to confident, from confused about "what makes good writing" to knowledgeable and happy as their skills skyrocket and they write unique, meaningful essays."

I have taught over 1,000 students and love watching their skills grow , but I could only help so many in person...
Hi, I'm Amy Haskell, MA., MEd.

... so I created How To Write Outstanding College Admission Essays program

to simplify the writing process - specifically for the hard-working teens who want to ensure they submit the most effective, personable essays and gain acceptance!

Teens love feeling supported yet independent through the efficient combination of learning, writing, and finishing their college essays on time.

What's In the program?

For three months from enrollment, your teen will receive the best, most accessible support possible:
1:1 weekly tutoring, small group weekly live instruction, personalized feedback on essays each week, and easy to understand directions to write and complete all essays.

  • Weekly tutoring that will help your teen decide on topics for the college essays, organization with the essays, and how to add personality and unique insight.

  • A detailed writing schedule so that students know the writing activity for each week and feel confident about exactly what they need to do to finish. Students can also loosely follow the schedule given summer schedules.

  • Editing and proofreading checklists plus written comments on drafts 1x/week through the program.

  • Live virtual classroom instruction 1x/week to enhance skills and writing technique.

IMAGINE knowing your teen feels confident about what to write about and how to write their college essays.

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 "The Total Writing college essay program is the BEST EVER. 

My son Ryan finished all of his college essays on time and he got into everywhere he applied. He loved working with Amy. Ryan boosted his writing skills and was actually excited to write the essays.” Jenny Peshina, Malvern, Ohio

If you're a caring parent, struggling with how to help your teen with college application essays, I want to help.

Imagine the burden off your shoulders and the sense of relief in your senior as he/she moves closer towards college acceptance.
**Price will increase as we move closer to application deadlines so buy now!


You & Your Teen Deserve This Opportunity


    Your teen will be expertly guided through the writing part of college applications, increasing his or her chances of college acceptance (and with having ample time required for multiple drafts).


    Ease the transition with your senior through this (stressful) time of applying to college so that you can focus on the fun parts of the college transition/application process.


    Watch as your teen's fear transforms into confidence! This process will enhance your teen's chances of college acceptance as he/she remains organized, happy to finish, and feeling successful.


  • What exactly will my teen receive with the program?

    There is nothing else out there like this program to help your teen in the most effective, nurturing, personalized way and no other developed program delivered by an English teacher to help your teen get into college.
    1) Weekly 1:1 tutoring with Amy.
    2) Individualized feedback on each essay.
    3) Access to the online program (a $647 bonus, worth up to 10 hours of learning).
    4) Weekly live classes (most likely on Wednesday afternoons). to enhance your teen's writing skills - this is totally optional and another extra bonus. (I love teaching).

  • Can you please give me an example of a typical student's schedule with the program? How do we get started and how much time does my son have to put into his writing?

    Yes! Once you purchase the course for your teen, you will receive an email with a unique link. Simply forward this link to your teen so that he or she can enroll in the course. Once enrolled he or she will be able to access all of the course material including college essay writing lessons and videos that will guide him or her through writing the Common App.

    We will also give your son or daughter directions on how to get started immediately with fun, engaging pre-writing activities.

    Most students, once they confirm their topic, need about 8-10 hours of writing and re-writing in order to have a fabulous, finished Common App essay and at least 4 drafts to work through and revise. The finished product can be the most beautiful, sophisticated, engaging piece of writing ever produced.

    Our students remain proud of their efforts and relieved to complete this main essay and then start their supplemental essays!

  • Do you guarantee that my son/daughter will complete the essay using your program?

    We cannot guarantee that your son/daughter will complete their essays because ultimately, the writing and re-writing is up to the students!

    Ultimately, finishing the essays, and writing them well, comes down to motivation and discipline and goal setting (the Writing Schedule helps tremendously as do the Live weekly tutoring).

    The program will guide your teen through the process in the most efficient user-friendly way possible.
    But, we all know, it is up to your son/daughter to write and complete the essay and to have the final say that their work is "done".

    We can't be ultimately responsible for confirming if the essays are finished as this is your teen's work; but, we certainly do provide the best of our teaching through excellent writing guidelines, Live help, invaluable feedback and tips to help your teen make that decision and feel confident to finish and submit to the colleges.

  • I know my daughter needs a lot of help with writing her college essays and I know how important these essay are - but what type of student is this course best for? (My daughter is independent yet really nervous about applying to college!).

    This program is perfectly suited for a high school senior who wants to write excellent college essays so that he/she turns in the very best college applications possible.

    Students who thrive in our program want to master sophisticated as well as basic writing to produce the best writing of their life. These students know the importance of good writing, they want to write well, and they remain open minded to receive critical feedback. The students who use their perseverance to complete their work and feel the need for our help will improve the quality of writing and thrive. Note: this program is not a hand-holding, proof-reading, we-write-it-for you service.

    But, if your child does wants only me or one of my excellent tutors to work Live with them from start to finish through tutoring sessions instead of utilizing the efficient program, we totally get that and you can book 1:1 time as needed or in packages!

  • What if I still have questions?

    Yes! Good! Call me! I love and believe in helping your teen. I want them to feel great about their writing and I want them to get into the college of their dreams!

    If you still have questions, then let's talk. Please click the button below to book a 15 min call complimentary call with me (Amy) to discuss your concerns and ask any other questions you may have.