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"This program took the stress out of the college application process for me as the parent. My daughter completed her essays before senior year started - efficient processes! Gave me peace of mind. I knew that by doing this she would have great essays and that I didn't have to manage the process."  

Eddie Carter, Providence High School Parent, Charlotte NC

Hi, I'm Amy Haskell.

Writing expert, college admission essay specialist.

"My passion is helping YOUR teen stand out above the crowd.

I love coaching students through the process of writing an outstanding college admissions essay. Knowing that they have the BEST chance of getting into the college of their choice drives me to continue to make a difference in the lives of these teens."

As a former high school and college teacher with two master degrees, I built my career on helping over 200 seniors gain college acceptance and tutored over 1,000 students using my writing expertise and online writing programs, but I could only help so many in person...
Hi, I'm Amy Haskell.

... so I created the How To Write Outstanding College Admission Essays online course

to reach the teens who really need this guidance and expertise.

What's In The Course?

  • Amy's easy-to-follow process that will help your teen determine what to write for the college essays, how to write these essays, and how to edit to create amazing narratives that work.

  • A timeline of scheduled pre-writing and writing activities to help your teen stay organized and focused until they complete the essay.

  • Effective, positive instruction so that your teen can complete the Common App in less than 3 weeks AND apply the concepts to all supplemental essays.

Can my son or daughter REALLY increase their chance of college acceptance with this course?

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 “Amy and the Total Writing college essay program is the BEST EVER. 

We did personal consultation and the program and my son Ryan finished all of his college essays on time - and they had a blast while working together! He found out more about himself from her process and felt excited to actually write the essays.” Jenny Peshina, Malvern Ohio

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Your Teen Deserves This Opportunity


    Your teen will be expertly guided through the writing part of college applications, increasing his or her chances of college acceptance (and with having ample time required for multiple drafts).


    Ease the transition with your senior through this (stressful) time of applying to college so that you can focus on the fun parts of the college transition/application process.


    Watch as your teen's fear transforms into confidence! This process will enhance your teen's chances of college acceptance as he/she remains organized, happy to finish, and feeling successful.


  • Will my teen receive personalized writing feedback?

    Individualized feedback is not included in this course. It's designed so that your teen can navigate this process through our expert instruction, however you do have the option to upgrade to have 1:1 time for essay review and feedback.

  • Can you please give me an example of a typical student's schedule with the program? How do we get started and how much time does my son have to put into his writing?

    Yes! Once you purchase the course for your teen, you will receive an email with a unique link. Simply forward this link to your teen so that he or she can enroll in the course. Once enrolled he or she will be able to access all of the course material including college essay writing lessons and videos that will guide him or her through writing the Common App essay (also applies to the Coalition Statement).

    We will also give your son or daughter directions on how to get started immediately with fun, engaging pre-writing activities.

    Most students, once they confirm their topic, need about 8-10 hours of writing and re-writing in order to have a fabulous essay and at least 4 drafts to work through and revise. The finished product can be the most beautiful, sophisticated, engaging piece of writing ever produced.

    Our students remain proud of their efforts and relieved to complete this main essay and then start their supplemental essays!

  • Do you guarantee that my son/daughter will complete the essay using your program?

    We cannot guarantee that your son/daughter will complete the essay - ultimately this comes down to their motivation and discipline. The course will guide your teen through the process.
    It is up to your son/daughter to write and complete the essay. We do not proofread and we are not responsible for confirming if the essay is "done" but we certainly do provide excellent writing guidelines, tips, and strategies to help you and your teen make that decision and feel confident to finish and submit to the colleges.

  • I know my daughter needs a lot of help with writing her college essays and I know how important these essay are - but what type of student is this course best for? (My daughter is independent yet really nervous about applying to college!).

    Great question! This course is perfectly suited for a high school senior (or a student who took a GAP year) who wants guidance, step-by-step instruction, and needs encouragement to write the most effective college admissions essays possible; however, this course is not a hand-holding, proof-reading, we-write-it-for you service.

    Our ideal student wants direction, takes full responsibility for his/her writing, and remains open to guidance.

  • What if I still have questions?

    If you still have questions just click the button below to book a 15 min call with Amy to discuss your concerns and ask any other questions you may have.